Kevin Bauer

Kevin Bauer

Fine Art, Artez Enschede, Graduate 2013

Research Project_
Doors, doorways, passages and undefinable spaces really intrige me. Also to lose oneself in a maze and navigating by only making use of your brain and memories are two aspects I want to create by realizing this project.
It’s my goal to create some sort of space in which people can determine their own route to eventually enter the heart of this space (image).
It can also be that the heart will not be reached and the traveler will leave the space at another exit.
When one space is opened, another spaced will be closed. There actually is no space, only room for the doors to open and close and the traveler makes use of that.
My supplies are about 56 doors/portals, 14 rotating systems, wooden beams for a solid frame and the accompanying materials to install everything.



This is a wooden model (scale 1:10) I made for my door maze. Now I’m still busy how to present the whole thing and how to actually build it. Things are getting shape already and I can’t wait for having a working swing door!



Hey everybody,

So today I presented the work I made so far to my fellow researchers.  I finished the foundation for my model which is actually going to have 3 doors (existing from 12 doors). I am decreasing the maze –in going to live size–  because otherwise my project will be way too expensive for me since I haven’t really found a sponsor. Today the wood for my floor arrived to so I’ll saw that tomorrow at the wood workshop.

I had a little discussion with some fellow researchers and Lab leaders about how to attach one another but I think it will all turn out to be fine. It’s way more technical than I thought it would be by the way, I have to take account of physics for example.

I’ll drop some pictures of the foundation and hopefully its floor soon. And probably of the doors and me working in the “Sandbox” as well. Thanks for reading!

Greets, Kev




As promised the documentation of the first steps in my work process (the foundation and the floor I made out of OSB). I build the floor to be easily deconstructed into three parts.



So I managed to make three easy-made bearings for the doors to turn on. A system with pins which fall in the floor and the top construction. Here some pictures of them:


Hey everyone,

I started to build the door installation. It doesn’t really work out yet because I found out the doors are slanting so they touch one another when they rotate. So I really have to found something to solve it since we have to be done on February 16th.  Have some pictures again:



Hello viewers,

so I took my whole installation down and build it up again together with Teun te Velthuis and now it finally works! I took some pictures of it:

This week I’ll finish my installation and everybody will finally be able to walk through it. I will cover everything with a plastic canvas to create walls. Hopefully I can test with some different lights too. I will upload pictures before Thursday 16th.






So tomorrow is the day of presentation! I finished my installation and already a lot of people made use of it. Some came out dizzy or almost claustrophobic and others were laughing. So I made an experience of it! That actually makes me really happy. Here I have some pictures:









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