Kathrin Stumpe


Kathrin Stumpe

Crossmedia Design, Artez Enschede, Graduate 2012

Research Project_
I’m searching for materials and handicraft techniques to illustrate what I have to tell. In my work I bring analogue and digital worlds together combining crafts with technology. For me it’s important that content and material are reacting to each other. This enriches the artwork and deepens its content. “The Medium is the Message” can be seen as my essential thesis, which is guiding me through my work process. At the end there’s a story that’s told and influenced by material.

During my first project I was dealing with wood as a material for artistic expression. I used the traditional technique of pyrography to burn lines into the wood. I created drawings that rely to the material wood and its appearances. They express the relations between humans and animals and arouse associations of trophies, hunting, woods and nature.

In another project I keept myself busy with paper and papercut. Using a lasercutter you can create very detailed papercuttings. I realized that the laser left light burnings on the cutting edges. Due to this additional effect of the technique I was searching for a story that contains the aspects of warmth, heat, and fire. Litterally or figuratively or both. I found this content in the fairytale “The Little Match Girl” by H.C. Andersen. I’m going to build a stage with different layers out of papercuttings to illustrate the story. Therefore I needed to make tests with the lasercutter to study its behaviour with different data files. The final visualization will contain images and type.


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