About ArTechLab

ArTechLab@Tetem 2013

ArTechLab@Tetem 2013

ArTechLab is a cross discpline researchlab based at the Artez Enschede. We initiate cross discipline projects, in collaboration with other institutes, universities and companies. As we have a broad team of researchers, we’re able to make proposals and do research on complex artistic, social and design issues.

If you would like to become a partner or support the ArTechLab, please send us an e-mail. We have worked with a variety of partners ranging from a hands-on workshop to test out possibilities of new technologies or materials to longer research collaborations to tinker and test out new possibilities for materials, to create a proof-of-concept or to prototype a new device.

Team of researchers

Every year we start with a new team of student researchers. They have a variety of backgrounds. Most of them are studying at different departments of ArtEz, or at other institutions as Saxion or University of Twente. Our researchers are creative thinkers, are passionate about what they do and have fresh, innovative ideas. The researchers present their research ideas and results at   https://artechlab.wordpress.com/category/researcher/. The researchers are coached by our team of advisors.

Team of advisors

  • ERIC KLARENBEEK – Designer, head, coordinator, www.ericklarenbeek.com
  • FILIP JONKER – Artist, www.filipjonker.nl
  • PAUL JANSEN KLOMP – Electronic engineer
  • ISJAH KOPPEJAN – Program management, concept developer
  • DAVID MENTING – Interactive products designer
  • MARK BAKEMA – Modular artist
  • THOMAS CHUDOBA – Artist, self made man

Our partners

Our Consortium consists of following partners:


  • Re-Lion Group B.V.
  • AKZO Nobel B.V.
  • FMP B.V.
  • TwillTech
  • Hyet Solar
  • TX-Change
  • Nedap Healthcare
  • Zoltar
  • 100% FAT
  • Design Cube Studio
  • Arjan Haring B.V.
  • Officina Corpuscoli, Maurizio Montalti
  • Atelier NL
  • Tjeerd Veenhoven
  • Studio Filip Jonker
  • Studio Eric Klarenbeek


  • ArtEZ (All departments, Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle)
  • Fablab, Enschede
  • UTwente, Creative Technologies

Public orgnisations:

  • Tetem kunstruimte, Enschede
  • Rijksmuseum Twenthe
  • Twente Welle Museum
  • Museum De Fundatie


  • Gemeente Enschede (Regionale Economische ontwikkeling v.d. creatieve sector)


ArtEz Enschede – ArTechLab- 2nd floor – Hulsmaatstraat 35 – 7523 WB – Enschede


For info and requests contact Eric Klarenbeek: e.klarenbeek@artez.nl