New Material Award nominees


Roos-Meerman-Aera-Fabrica3-600x450We’re proud to announce that ArTechLab initiator Eric Klarenbeek and ArTechLab alumni Roos Meerman both have been nominated for the New Material Award! ArTechLab alumni Roos Meerman is nominated with her Aera Fabrica project where she uses warmth and air to blow-up 3d printed forms. Roos Meerman worked in 2012 in ArTechLab on her projects Laser Stitching and Constructing StringsStudio Eric Klarenbeek is nominated with the Mycelium Project where spores are used to 3d print a chair.

By Eric Klarenbeek

The New Material Award is initiated by DOEN Foundation and the Materiaalfonds. It challenges visual artists, designers, fashion designers and architects to use new materials and innovative techniques. The winners will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on November 20th.


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