Nina Musholt

Nina Musholt_ Fine Art Media, Enschede A study in green It all started from the idea to use organic stuff to create analogue photoprints.So I did some research and I found a way to do that. In the very beginnings of photography an inventor called Sir John Herschel discovered the photosensitivity of vegetables and fruit. The prints are called anthotypes. How it works: First of all you have to crush some plants. (Because this process is not known that well there are not so many plants tested yet). The best it works with a juicer. But you also can do it with a mixer. You have to add some distilled water and (or) some olive oil. If the emulsion is thinner its also not so sensitive for light.   WP_20140926_002WP_20140926_003-2         After that you pick a piece of  paper and spread the emulsion over the paper.( With a brush or a sponge)Than you can decide if you like the thickness of the layer or you want to have a thicker layer. When the paper is dry you can decide which photo you’d  like to print. At the moment Im still trying with different sorts of paper. like usual photo paper ,transparent paper and  normal sketching paper (185g)And I also have to figure out if film paper works better or transparent paper. Due to the lack of light Im using a kind of tanner to expose the sheets. The Exposure time matters from the plant you wantWP_20140926_004 to use.WP_20141106_003WP_20141113_002 Ive tried some different plants like beetroot,red cabbage, paprika, spinach tomato juice and salade. I figured out that the green plants worked the best.


      (a tryout with spinach,1hr 15min, 185g paper)

Red cabbage, beetroot and paprika didn’t work at all.( At least with the tanner. I don’t know how it works if you use real sun light)

(beetroot 8hrs,185g paper)(red cabbage, 10hrs, 185g paper)(red paprika, 8+8 hrs 185g paper)



After all those printing from pictures on green stuff I’ve decided to go a step further. I made some photogramms and cut them. (An other photographic technique. You print your subject immediately on analogue photo paper.) WP_20141204_007

(exposure: 1,5hr )

After all of those time working with the tanner and only being able to use this one Ive decided to make some prints without the tanner. I put some rests from the spinach on usual paper. After that I put some papers on the wet spinach and got some interesting results


This is the endresult and the presentation how it looked liked at the exposition.


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