Mijke Pasmans

Mijke Pasmans

Product Design, ArtEZ Arnhem

Research Project
Transforming Textile


I’m researching the possibilities to transform and manipulate textile to give it more 3D qualities like texture and shape. To achieve this transformation within the textile I’m experimenting with elasticity, fixation and memory wire.



By stretching lycra and then applying liquid latex rubber onto it creates an elastic tension and changes the texture of the textile.


IMG_6820 copy




Fixation of textile is a one way transformation that can be achieved by combining textile with plastics. I’ve used shrink wrap which is a plastic that shrinks when heat is applied. By sewing the plastic onto the fabric in a specific pattern different textures and shapes appear.












Memory wire

Using the flexibility of the textile in combination with shape memory wire. Shape memory wire has the ability tot undergo deformation and when heat is applied recover to its original shape. This transformation can also be activated with electricity. Therefore I’m researching the possibilities to make conductive ink so the memory wire can really be integrated in the textile.


Because the conductive ink didn’t work out I started using desoldering wick in combination with the shape memory wire. By sewing it on canvas the textile has the ability to transform. In combination with elastic band the pattern of triangular shapes open and close like a breathing surface. The pattern of desoldering wick gives the textile an aesthetic value and a new function.

IMG_7627 1 copy



IMG_7691 copy1








Exhibition at TETEM

IMG_7637 copy














IMG_7638 copy




























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