A new ArTechLab season has started!

We’re excited about this upcoming season with ArTechLab! Last week the new team of ArTechLab researchers got a head start with exploring the 3d modelling, 3d printing and lasercutting possibilities we offer at the lab. Ideas for new projects started bubbling and we’re looking forward to some wonderful projects ahead of us!

The final end results of the research of the ArTechLab researchers will be shown in february 2015, but before that the ArTechLab researchers will update sneak previews of their findings on this website.

And while the ArTechLab researchers are starting up, the team of advisors have not been sitting still. From today ArTechLab advisor Filip Jonkers’ work Utofolly is shown at the Gogbot Festival. Next week Eric Klarenbeek lets you explore 3d printing with living organisms at the Bio-Me event at Mediamatic. He’ll be speaking at the London Design Festival too.

While in London, don’t forget to visit the Barbican to check the revised version of the Pristitrope by Quinten Swagerman made with the help of David Menting. Meanwhile articles by Isjah Koppejan on these post digital movements have appeared in AR[t] Magazine and in a book.



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