Designing a technique – Karlijn Sibbel

Karlijn Sibbel / Product Design / Arnhem

Karlijn-Sibbel 3D printen wit2

Designing a technique

3D printing is an up-coming technique. It already exists a few years, but it is really emerging and growing. This technique is creating a new makers industry. Will we soon print all our products at home?

Karlijn is doing research into 3D-printing with other materials. Materials that are less environmentally damaging than, for example plastics. She examines a material with many nice properties. She has been studying these properties as much as possible in order to develop a 3D-printing technique with this material.

To further develop her research she is working together with a manufacturer of her material. They of course already have a lot of knowledge about this material. Karlijn wants to collaborate with a company because she believes that by sharing knowledge one can create amazing innovative things. For efficiently working together and exchanging specific know how, clear agreements for this have to be made, so she is also researching the process of working together.







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