Julian Gerke

Julian Gerke

Art + Crossmedia Design, Enschede

Research Project

The Web Evolves – Digital Information in Physical Space

As a designer i am most of the time busy with web-design and try to get a grasp on the bleeding edge of web-technology. I am amazed what this network of information made possible in the last 20 Years. Today information from the network is shaping our physical world and our worlds physical information is fed into the network like never before. This correlation i want to explore and bring the digital to the physical and vice versa.
I will use data feeds from the internet and the browser as the tool for visualization. Than i will use a beamer to beam it into 3d space. The data i get will be also used to transform the 3d space via arduino etc. This will be an (interactive) installation in the end.

Update Feb 31 2014

The exhibition


A data visualization of Bitcoin* transactions projected in a kinetic space. Or in other words a visual generated by user input from all over the world. Digital information shaping physical space.

Every stripe you see moving, is one transaction. The height and the speed depends on the amount of Bitcoins send through. If a big transaction comes in some fans blow air and move the projection surface. The color depends on where in the world the transaction was processed. You can also listen to the data. Every tone is one transaction. The deeper the sound the higher the transaction amount. The data is a realtime stream taken from blockchain.info and is showing all transactions worldwide.

Beamer, Arduino, Browser (html, css, javascript), Live bit coin transaction-data, Foil, Fans, Headphones

*Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency introduced as open source software in 2009 by pseudonymous developer Satoshi Nakamoto. Since than it got more and more attention. Speculating, Gambling, and Business. Some see it as a game and some take it serious and even launch there own currency on the same principle. But it is also seen as a risk. Thats why China banned financial institutions from trading bitcoin with the local currency in Dez. 2013

Update Dez 10 2013

Live bitcoin transaction data beamed on textile landscape.


Update Okt 10 2013

Digital 3d fits into physical 3d



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