New team of ArTechLab researchers started


A new team of ArTechLab researchers started their explorations in new materials and technologies at the beginning of this  semester. During the opening of the new AKI ArtEZ building last week they got a head start with workshops on 3d modelling by Eric Klarenbeek, augmented reality by VirtuScope and programming with Arduino by David Menting.

The ArTechLab is a shared space for opening up the practice of experimentation with new materials and technologies to students of ArtEZ. The lab provides tools, technologies, and training for guiding the ArTechLab researchers towards concrete end products such as low-tech research for a new type of fabric, or building a high-tech multi-sensory space. The following months the ArTechLab researchers will be researching in these innovative areas with guidance of a renewed team of specialists from the field.

The final end results of the research will be shown in february 2014, but before that the ArTechLab researchers will update sneak previews of their findings on this website.


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