ArTechLab pops up @MºBA 13

During MºBA 13 – Fetishism in Fashion (June 8th – July 21st 2013) ArTechLab is part of the M°BA ATELIERS. Lidewij Edelkoort has invited designers and curators who are stretching the borders of fashion and fetishism. ArTechLab was invited to create a pop-up laboratory for creative experimentation and advancement on M°BA centRAAL’s 4th and 5th floors.

Curator Lidewij Edelkoort has selected the theme of Fetishism in Fashion for the fifth edition of the M°BA (Fashion Biennale Arnhem). It will feature a series of exhibitions and events which explores and charts the passionate relationship the public has with fashion and accessories. The many wrist bands, the different types of bra strap and the laces which tighten corsets. We are literally connected to and enthralled by fashion which uses human fetishism in its design. A new world of helmets, armor and corsets; of caps, aprons and nappies; of tabards and tippets; of masks veils and wigs; and clogs, hooves and stilts. The changing idiom of tomorrow’s fashion.

M°BA 13 – Fetishism in Fashion will use exhibitions, films and images, dance and theater, and workshops to summon a world which appeals to our darkest and most primitive instincts.

MºBA 13: Fetishism in Fashion – Programma nu hier beschikbaar

9 June | 21 July 2013, Arnhem


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