Lecture Next Nature –

6th december we had a great lecturer in the ArTechLab, artist, scientist, designer, inventor, philosopher, doctor and blogger Koert van Mensvoort!

TEDxAmsterdam Human Nature Forecast – Koert van Mensvoort part 1 from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.

Koert (www.koert.com) is known for his work on the philosophical concept of next nature, and founder of Next Nature: www.nextnature.net.

“When I was a kid I had the feeling that the people on TV were actually inside the tv.
And I used to wonder where they went when I turned of the TV. I still have this feeling that it hurts the TV when it turn it off.

 2012-12-06 15.05.41

Koert van Mensvoort at the ArTechLab lecture, explaining his Next Nature theory, here: Fruit Meat, artificial meat printing.

2012-12-06 15.52.41

One of the students (who got the ‘Best’ question) won his ‘Fake For Real’ game.

2012-12-06 15.53.18

All ArTechLab events are open for all ArtEZ, Utwente students and everyone who’s interested!


If you want to know more, here’s an (other) interesting video-serie on his next nature theory;



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