Lecture Unfold (B)

We’re proud to announce that coming 22nd of November 2012, Belgium designstudio Unfold is coming to the Netherlands to present their projects at the ArTechLab, such as their 3d ceramic printer and Kiosk 2.0.

The event is open for all ArtEZ, Utwente students and everyone who’s interested!

Address: ArTechLab, Cube, 2nd floor, Hallenweg 5, Enschede, starting at 15:00.


2012-11-22 16.23.44

One of the slides (I don’t know where this rainbow comes from, uhum) His 150 slides presentation gave deep insights in Unfold’s working and thinking processes. On how they implement technology in their projects, and what it’s philosophical, cultural and practical value is.

2012-11-22 14.16.15


Expert meeting prior to the open lecture: Dries Verbruggen, Unfold (l) and Corrie Verbeek (r)


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