Hack a Laser!

At the ArTechLab we try to use as much as open-source tools available. Besides this we support our researchers and students to modify and take apart all available tools and machines in the Lab. This to learn more, and hopefully leading to new innovations.

Thanks to LAOS (Laser Open Source, www.laoslaser.org), there’s an open source controller for laser cutters, applicable in Chinese laser cutters. Luckily we have such Chinese imported laser in the Lab, and after using the original hardware, drivers and software for a while, we were so fed up with the instability and limitations, so it was about time to give our Chinese friend some new dutch brains!

Frank Kolkman (www.frankkolkman.nl) of our Lab got the super-fresh and new brains, drivers and software from Laos for our Laser, and converted it in a fully functional vector and pixel based lasercutter. All open-source, what do you want more!!

Here’s the website from Laos laser;


or their Wiki:



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