Blikwisseling (NL) ft MIT Media Lab (USA)

ArTechLab participated in the MIT masterclasses Blikwisseling, featuring a great team from both the MIT’s High-Low Tech, and Media Lab (USA).

The masterclasses – with students from the ArTechLab, technical university Twente and ArtEZ music department – were led by Eric Rosenbaum, Michael Smith-Welch and Leah Buechley from the Media Lab. MIT is known for founding the international Fablabs, and much much more. The masterclasses were initiated by Ella Heuting and Janne Reessink.

Eric and Michael took a bunch of their great Makey Makey’s, a fun, easy and intuitive interface tool to play around with, which brought some creative inventions,

Eric Rosenbaum (l) and Michael Smith-Welch (r)

Here’s the website of the High-Low Tech, led by Leah Buechley,


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