Mendel Max

ArTechLab welcomes our Mendel Max, a new open source 3D printer, with can create objects of 40x40x40cm. This with the same resolution as our two and two times smaller Reprap Mendels in the lab. Technically it’s based on the same principle, building structures out of thin plastic wire. With a nozzle spitting out 0.25mm sustainable PLA (corn/sugar based) or recyclable ABS plastic wire. We’re now working on feeding other materials through its extruder….,

This new 3D printer has been built by Bas Molkenboer, part of the ArTechLab team, and supplier of 3d printing components with his company ‘3D printing for you’. Great its big, open source and as learning tool for our students.

Above: Bas Molkenboer (left) and Arvid Jense (right) music student (conservatorium) researches acoustics in the Lab, printing out his own instruments.


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