Mathijs Wolthuis

Mathijs Wolthuis

Fine Art, Artez Enschede, Graduate 2013

Research Project_
Ik ben gefasineerd door geluid en de mogelijkheid tot het reduceren hiervan.
Het menselijk gehoor gaat van 20 Hz tot 20.000 Hz.
Door een aantal Hertz hier tussen uit te halen zou het mogelijk moeten zijn om communicatie te verbreken of te vermoeilijken.
Dit doe ik door middle van een stilte capsule te bouwen.
In samenwerking metde UT Twente onderzoek ikde stiltes van decapsules en de verdure mogelijk heden

The phenomenon ANTINOISE

This was the first idea involved sound to create something or a machine that would kill sound in a enviroment.

Reading in to Antinoise i was amazed about the possibilities of this phenomenon and wanted to eplore the possibilities of it.

After a study on the internet and talking on al kind of different forums i send an email to the TU DElft in Holland after waiting for a couple of days i got an email back with a phone number.

After dialing the number i talked to Professor Marinus Boone after telling him my plan the man said that it is not possoble without a compleetly sillent room and it would only work on one ear.

I must say that i was a little dissapointed, but i wil make this installation happen.

So 10 years from now when the technology is ready i wil make the installation as seen below.

The picture above gives you some lines about how i wanted it.

Still amazed with sound i remerbered that at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem there where two metal plates in the room facing each other, in one of the plates they placed a watch. The remarkable thing was that when you whent to the other plate [ ten meters further ] you could hear the watch tik.

I treid to make them the oldskool way but after beating for two days on a piece of metal i thought maybe i can find a different type of material.

I found two pieces of foam and just tried to make the same thing as it is in the Teylers Museum i tried it with a watch and that did not work. the next was a couple of smal speakers that came out of a stereo.

By hanging one of them in there the sound would travel but not very far and not so loud.

Wondering about how to make it work i was thinking about my first idea it was al about sound and how to reduce it or elliminate it.

And there it was my first attempt to eliminate sound ” THE BLOB ” agian it is made of foam and and sound absorbing foam

it was kind of working.

After talking with Erik Klarenbeek we contacted the acoustics department on the UT Twente and found out that it is not the kind of material that keeps out sound but also mass and density the material has.

I made a template out of foam. By using a balloon as a round form and putting foam in there.

After it hardent i took the plastic balloon of and shaped in to the curve the tampled needed.

I made a template because i wanted to make negatriv mold which i could fill with a on a silicone based material to keep the sound out because sillocone has a high density.

On the picture above you can see the template and the negativ mold i made.

On the picture below you can see the first example of a sillicone based.

On the picture above you can see the mold beiing prepared for the next one.

On the picture below you can see the to on sillicone based ear pieces mounted together.

After looking for helpful students on my academie no one wanted to help me so i tested it on myself, for an experement it is working nut there is a lot of work to be done.

A little side information the thing on my head ways about three and a half kilograms, and i wonder why no one wanted to help mee.

I also had to wonder about presentaion and these pictures above and below came out.

The conclusion of a couple of months work :

Antinoise :

A great phenomenon that is worthy of checking out when the tecnology is a little bit further but one to keep my eyes on it is something that in a later space and time i would like to use in somesort of an installation.

The traveling of Sound :

It would be a try worthy about the distences of how far and what kind of sound would travel.

The Blob :

The on thing i was the most pleast with and possible the first thing i will continue to researh the fact of not seeing your serroundings is stil huanting my dreams.

The Sillocone ear piece :

A shame that it did not work on the first try as good as i would have liked it but there is no triomf if things do not ge wrong so i will keep on trying.

As an overal experience, i really enjoyed this research and will continue with it during my normal work.

There is something magical about sound living with or without it because it is always around.


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