Yingi long

Researcher_ Yingi long Speciality_ Fine Art, Artez Enschede, Research Project_

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4GBMEOEcjg] Movie of Hairlight, Yingqi Long



If the scenes we know from animations would happen in our daily life? if light on your hair can naturally  turn on, and light up the way where  you are. what would you feel? My fantasy drives me to explore the combination between  nature and human activities.

Lighting hair is an experiment project which I try to connect the lightning bug like green light with human hair, by applying LED and a microcontroller, the Arduino Nano. Before using Arduino, I simply connect all Led together and I sit them in to a jar. It’s suttle beauty reminds me of the nights in summer, full of lightning bugs.


0.10mm copper wires                                                                        0.2 mm LED green

It’s very interesting to play with electronic components.

Before making sure that everything works well, I need to do many tests in order to modify and correct mistaes .

Thanks to model Laura Signer here. (picture in dark room)


It was a wonderful experience, working with electronic stuff and realise the idea and actual technique. Thank to great teachers Eric ,Flip, Paul and  Harry.  The artistic advises from Flip ; Technique support from Paul and Harry; last but not the least , for the whole project and equipments from Eric.

yingqi Long

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