Mark Bakema


Researcher_ Mark Bakema

Speciality: 3d programs, Lasercutting, 3d mensionalety

Fine Art, AKI-Artez Enschede C.A.P. , Graduate 2012

personal website;

Research Project; Unfoldable

Ik ben gefascineerd door de transformatie van 2d naar 3d Daarom maak ik objecten gebaseerd op 3d constructies gefabriceerd uit kleine modulen die samen 1 beeld vormen. Mijn beelden bestaan dus uit elementen die ik uit een DinA4 kan snijden Ik onderzoek de technische mogelijkheden van laser cutters en 3d apparatuur op het breedste vlak om dit te bereiken. Het eindresultaat is dat ik doormiddel van makkelijk verkrijgbare materialen, overal op de wereld beelden kan maken gebaseerd op de industrienorm DinA4




#7_Merge ; “XYZ” (a later work after my minor, this is a work made for my graduation)

#6_Rosenbridge “800X740”

#6_Rosenbridge “1,9/4”


#6_making the cubicles;

i can even use the cut out shapes for a work, so beautiful this colors!


#6_ At this moment im busy with making this project, it’s the Rosenbridge from Einstein.

this is made of course from folded papercubicals,

it are 720 cubicles in total with the dimensions 1000mmx1000mmx500


#5_oke one more step, multiple cubicles makin one shape! lets work together!


#4_I just started to investigate Form.z even more to get multiple shapes in to each other.. at the internet i saw this was possible i just don’t know how to do this quit yet,


#3_At this moment i found a way to get the drawings i made in Form.z to illustrator and i can make them ready for laser cutting.

this is what came out;


#1/#2_Form.z can handle the things i ask from it for now im still cutting by hand what makes the cubicles a bit fuzzy,

also with the open day i made some more illustrator-lassercuttings quite interesting how this went


#1_At this moment im checking how much form.z can handle in 3d cutting, and how much i can do with this program since this program is new for me..

also checking how much possibility’s with j-pegs the laser cutter has in combination with illustrator is quite interesting.

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