Eva Lotte Lisander

Eva Lotte Lisander

Fine Art, sculpture department, Artez Enschede, Graduate 2012

Research Project_

I’m fascinated with paper and its vulnerable qualities.

Paper is a material that we are surrounded by every day, but we are blind of its existence and autonomy. We only recognize it in its perfected industrial form.
I’m trying to illuminate papers autonomy, by developing my own.

To visualize the characteristics of an autonomous material, I play with the interesting ambivalent relationship between paper and water; water is absolutely necessary to produce paper, but at the same time it can destroy the material completely.

Without directly interfering myself, I’m trying to evoke an interesting conversation between paper, humidity and the constant changing appearance of both.



paper studio

a small overview of paper proofs I made during my research about the best fiber mixture for my own paper:

…printing paper on paper!

after digitizing most of my proofs I made a ‘paper-newspaper’ to straighten my results.


I needed a room where I could easily change circumstances like temperature and air humidity to explore papers behavior- so I bought the greenhouse ‘Juliana 3.1″!

…getting started

my new laboratory!

first humidity tests for my biotop

The moisture, or humidity, in the air depends on the (warm) temperature. in order to get more humidity in the air I heat up the greenhouse with a radiant heather.



…lekker warm!





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